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The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship - How your personality influences your relationship with your horse

The Personality Achetypes of Horsemanship How your personality influences your relationship with your horse.

Horses have an uncanny ability to bring out the personality in humans. They can elicit from us who we truly are - controlling, accommodating, spoiling or risk-taking. Whether they are standing on our foot while we halter them, jumping a fence, cutting a cow or fidgeting while we try to fly spray their legs - they behave - we respond and our response reveals who we are. This book will help you explore how your personality impacts and influences your relationship with the horses in your life. Juli Lynch, Ph.D has constructed a system of identifying human personality in relationship to horses. The exciting news is that personality is not fixed. Therefore, if you realize that your current personality is not working for the outcomes you desire with your horse you can work to change it. And horses - because of their honesty will respond immediately to those changes. They can become our most treasured teachers in learning about ourselves.

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What is Epala?

Epala® offers interactive horse learning and horse training programs. Epala® also offers equine facilitated learning (EFL)and equine facilitated coaching (EFC) programs. Epala's® foundational philosophy is based on the EponaQuest Approach. We believe that horses can be both teachers and healers for humans. The Epala® horses reflect back behaviors, emotions and patterns of interaction providing participants with increased personal awareness, the confidence to achieve, the ability to take on a leadership role and the recognition of self-limiting ways of thinking and acting.

Individuals and small groups come to our beautiful ranch setting in Northern Wisconsin - where our horses run free on acres of land – in order to interact with human participants in a natural herd environment. Participants learn about themselves by learning about horses. We guarantee you'll return to your horse with expanded awareness and skills to enhance your partnership. If you don't currently have a horse we guarantee you'll take the knowledge and skills you learn from our herd and apply them to all the relationships in your life!

What is Epala - Equine Partnerships for Authenticity Learning & Awareness

Winston Churchill said, "There is
something about the outside of a horse that
is good for the inside of a man."

Epala Offers

Small group horse workshops and individual horse sessions that teach participants how to create a true partnership with their horses. Attendees work with the Epala® herd so they can return home to their own horses with the knowledge and skills to improve their relationship with their horses. We work with all riding disciplines and all breeds of horses and invite beginners to advance horsemanship individuals to come experience the Epala® Way.

Equine-facilitated learning (EFL) workshops for small groups and individuals. Horses, as prey animals, can help humans learn about themselves – how they communicate, how they deal with emotions, how they problem-solve, deal with stress, set a goal and achieve it. In these programs participants work with the Epala® herd learning about horse behavior, horse training and riding but they are learning how who they are impacts the way the horses respond to them. These programs are based on my book, "The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship," (2nd ed. 2013).

Riding lessons in the English discipline of dressage, and jumping. Juli has been a riding instructor for over 30 years and has been a competitive equestrian since age 12. She is a certified Riding Instructor and fully insured to provide instruction to riders of all abilities.


Epala® Offers Equine Riding & Non Riding Workshops

Horse as Teacher / Horse as Healer
Horse as Teacher / Horse as Healer

A book that will touch your HEART and AWAKEN your SPIRIT

Juli Lynch, Ph.D
Lifelong horsewoman has contributed to this incredible collection of horse stories, in this book Horse as Teacher / Horse as Healer. Whether you have horses or not... you will find all the magic and majesty of horses in the stories and lessons they have to teach us about life, love and friendship.

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Transforming the lives of people and horses through heartfelt connection, understanding and respect.
"Those adventurous souls who follow the ways of horses almost can't help becoming more balanced, confident, and peaceful, more open to the beauty and sacredness of life."

- Linda Kohanov

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