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Epala Workshop - Horses & Humans


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Epala I

Instructor: Juli Lynch, Ph.D

Dates & Locations:
Hayward, WI
June 25-26, 2021
Friday: June 25, 2021 - 9:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday: June 26, 2021 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

This is our Epala introductory workshop that will introduce you to the Epala way of partnering with horses for expansion and transformation. This workshop will introduce you to the foundational philosophy of how we view horse and human partnership and how horses can be both teachers and healers for humans. You will be introduced to the Seven Aspects of Horse and Human Transformation, and the Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship all signature Epala methods taught through interaction, connection and partnership with the Epala herd.


To begin the Epala journey of expansion and transformation through interaction, connection and partnership with the Epala herd. You will focus on connecting to who you really are at your core in order to partner with the Epala herd. You will learn that prey animals horses in particular will disconnect and disengage from inauthentic presence, denied emotional states and repressed or stuck energetic expression. We will focus on the Seven Aspects of Horse/Human Transformation as a starting place to practice partnering with the Epala herd.

What you will experience:

You will interact on the ground with the Epala herd on on one and in small groups. If you deal with fear of horses you will move toward releasing that fear. If you have worked with horses in the past or currently you will move toward an expanded understanding and partnership with them that will enhance your relationship with horses back home. If you love horses and just desire interaction and connection you will have opportunity to be with the Epala herd informally and formally throughout the two day workshop.

You will:

Spend time with horses individually and as a herd.

Spend time exploring how your personality impacts and influences your interaction with horses.

Spend time learning each of the Seven Aspects of Horse/Human Transformation (Intuition, Energy, Emotion, Mind, Body, Personality and Spirit) and how horses respond to your awareness of each.

Spend time letting go of fear of horses or limiting beliefs about how horses experience you and their world.

Spend time shifting internally so that horses choose partnership with you externally.


At the conclusion of the Epala I workshop you will have had the opportunity to explore how your unique personality archetype impacts and influences your relationship with horses. You will know and be able to apply the Seven Aspects of Horse/Human Transformation when you return home and you�ll have experienced the process of Equine Facilitated teaching and healing that will give you confidence and confirmation that horses, like so many of the animals in or lives can teach us not only about them but also about ourselves.

Fee: $900.00 Hayward Workshop at Epala

Contact: 715 462-3495

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