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Tele-Class Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship

Instructor: Juli Lynch, Ph.D

Dates & Locations:
Tele-Conference. Call in and Log in information provided upon registration
November 01-December 12, 2017
6:30pm-8:00pm Each Session for Six Weeks

WEEK ONE: Introduction to the Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship and Relationship. The first session will introduce the Five Archetypes and focus on the archetype you are currently manifesting in your life and how through understanding both the light and the shadow of each archetype can begin to see where in your relationship with your horse or others in your life you can consciously access and manifest the energy of each archetype. The Personality of Archetype Horsemanship assessment will be sent to you prior to the call for you to complete.

WEEK TWO: The KEEPER Archetype. In weeks 2-6 each archetype will be explored both as a personal manifestation and in relationships - whether with horses or humans. In focusing on the KEEPER we will explore the energy of structure, stability, organization and results. Is this you? Is this important in your relationship with your horse? Is this what you expect of others? Do you need more of this in your life in your relationships with horses or humans? How do you let go of this if Keeper energy is excessive in your life or manifest it if it is deficient in your life?


WEEK FOUR: The HUNTER Archetype.


WEEK SIX: The SHAMAN Archetype.

Each call will be 90 minutes long and include live interaction with participants who are interested in sharing their own archetype journey with the class and receiving direction on how to move toward the ability to explore all the archetypes or integrate certain ones in a manner that will bring balance and harmony to relationships with horses and humans.

Fee: $90.00 for Six Sessions over Six Weeks

Contact: 715 462-3495

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